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Tor-Tu-Gor Radio
Where The Light of Gor Shines Brightest

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Art Name: Art, Merchant of Ko-ro-ba

Throwback Thursday with Art: Songs from the 60s on up that I grew up on and still love. Requests are always welcome.
Becka Name: Becka, Slave of Fogaban

Becka's Beats: Sharing a variety of songs that awake the senses and make your want to move - And then there are her Hot Slots!

Be ready to enjoy impromptu 'Becka's Beats' sets!
Becka will send announcements through the Tor-Tu-Gor Group so everyone can attend.
Dawn Name: Dawn, City Slave of Ko-ro-ba

Kickin' it Country: Playing the best country hits of yesterday and today

Sunday Brunch: Adult contemporary and light classical music for relaxing start to the end of the weekend

Tournament of Towers: Bringing you music and commentary for all the action happening in the Ko-ro-ba arena
Dingo Night Name: Dingo Night, First Sword of Ko-ro-ba

Into The Night: DJ playing all the music by your choice at the Towers Club dance area
Elric Name: Elric Elvehjem, Sword of Ko-ro-ba

A Night of Bliss with DJ Elric: Playing a variety of 60s to present day music to keep our bodies moving and having fun

Tarn Races Broadcast: Come hear music to keep you dancing in your seat while watching the Ko-ro-ba Kajira Dance Troupe followed by Elric announcing the action-packed tarn races!
Fogaban Name: Fogaban, Builder in Ko-ro-ba

Chat with Fogaban: Following The Books Come Alive with Jonathan Crane, discussion of the chapters

Dusty Albums: Periodically Fogaban pulls some old albums off the shelf, dusts them off and plays music

Fogaban enjoys being part of Ko-ro-ba's "The Books Come Alive". He also enjoys discussing the books, watching girls dance and playing trivia games at the dances.
IvanCarlo Name: IvanCarlo Landar, Scribe of Ko-ro-ba

15th Anniversary Event Coorinator: July 17-19, 2020. Join us every July for a three-day weekend of unity and celebration with tons of events throughout the weekend.
Jonathan Crane Name: Jonathan Crane, Second Sword of Ko-ro-ba

The Books Come Alive:
Mistress Karmaria Name: Karmaria Natalya TaVar, Woman of the TaVar wagons

Be ready to enjoy impromptu "Karm's Pick N Mix": A fun mix of music, you never know what she's going to play and when - Tasha will send out announcements when she begins her shows!
Sara Name: Sara, Slave of Art

Tunes To Wiggle To: A mix of Your requests and the wiggling DJ's choices to wiggle, shake and spend a Monday celebration to. Not responsible for the effects of mass wiggles on unsuspecting listeners. Location of radio show and wiggling DJ to be announced that Monday in notices.
Ubar of Ko-ro-ba Name: Scar Statosky, Ubar of Ko-ro-ba

Ubar's Class in the Learning Pavilion:
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