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Tor-Tu-Gor Radio Talent

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Tor-Tu-Gor Radio
Where The Light of Gor Shines Brightest

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Ame Name: Ame, Huntress

Retro Classics: A mix of 50's. 60's 70's and 80's for your listening pleasure. Requests welcomed and encouraged.
Becka Name: Becka, Slave of Fogaban

Becka's Beats: Sharing a variety of songs that awake the senses and make your want to move - And then there are her Hot Slots!

Be ready to enjoy impromptu 'Becka's Beats' sets!
Becka will send announcements through the Tor-Tu-Gor Group so everyone can attend.
Dawn Name: Dawn, City Slave of Ko-ro-ba

Kickin' it Country: Playing the best country hits of yesterday and today

Sunday Brunch: Adult contemporary and light classical music for relaxing start to the end of the weekend

Tournament of Towers: Bringing you music and commentary for all the action happening in the Ko-ro-ba arena
Dingo Night Name: Dingo Night, First Sword of Ko-ro-ba

Into The Night: DJ playing all the music by your choice at the Towers Club dance area
Elric Name: Elric Elvehjem, Sword of Ko-ro-ba

A Night of Bliss with DJ Elric: Playing a variety of 60s to present day music to keep our bodies moving and having fun

Tarn Races Broadcast: Come hear music to keep you dancing in your seat while watching the Ko-ro-ba Kajira Dance Troupe followed by Elric announcing the action-packed tarn races!
Fogaban Name: Fogaban, Builder in Ko-ro-ba

Chat with Fogaban: Following The Books Come Alive with Jonathan Crane, discussion of the chapters

Dusty Albums: Periodically Fogaban pulls some old albums off the shelf, dusts them off and plays music

Fogaban enjoys being part of Ko-ro-ba's "The Books Come Alive". He also enjoys discussing the books, watching girls dance and playing trivia games at the dances.
IvanCarlo Name: IvanCarlo Landar, Scribe of Ko-ro-ba

15th Anniversary Event Coorinator: July 17-19, 2020. Join us every July for a three-day weekend of unity and celebration with tons of events throughout the weekend.
Jonathan Crane Name: Jonathan Crane, Second Sword of Ko-ro-ba

The Books Come Alive:
Mistress Karmaria Name: Karmaria Natalya TaVar, Woman of the TaVar wagons

Be ready to enjoy impromptu "Karm's Pick N Mix": A fun mix of music, you never know what she's going to play and when - Tasha will send out announcements when she begins her shows!
Ubar of Ko-ro-ba Name: Scar Statosky, Ubar of Ko-ro-ba

Ubar's Class in the Learning Pavilion:
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