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Application to be a Broadcaster for

Tor-Tu-Gor Radio
Where The Light of Gor Shines Brightest

  • Please copy this into a Second Life notecard, then:
    1. Read: Tor-Tu-Gor Mission Statement and Rules
    2. Answer the questions on the application
    3. Add your name at the bottom of the notecard
    4. Return the notecard to: Dingo Night

  • Successful candidates will be contacted to proceed to the next stage of recruitment.

   Application to be a Broadcaster for Tor-Tu-Gor Radio:
  1. Have you read, and do you understand, the Tor-tu-Gor Mission Statement and Rules?

  2. Are you 21 or older in real life?

  3. What name are you known by?

  4. What is your full Second Life name?

  5. What is your Second Life age?

  6. What is your Gorean status? Free or slave?

  7. Briefly explain your concept of:
    1. A Free Man:
    2. A Free Woman:
    3. A Slave:
    4. A Priest-King, an Outlaw, a Kur, one of the Wagon Peoples … (just kidding)

  8. Have you had experience broadcasting?

  9. If yes, to Question 8, What program do you use to use – SAM, Winamp, etc.?

  10. Please provide two references in the Gorean community who know you:

  11. For Free Only: Where is your Home Stone in Second Life?

  12. For kajira only:
    1. Are you owned?
    2. If yes, by whom are you owned?
      1. And, if yes, we will need written permission from your owner (form below)

    I attest that these answers are truthful

    (signed – full Second Life name) and (known by name)

       Approval by the owner of a Slave Applicant:

    I here by approve my slave:

    to be an broadcaster on Tor-Tu-Gor Radio. (include nickname and account name)

    I have read the Mission Statement and the rules listed on the same page:
    I approve of my slave's adhering to it.

    (signed – full Second Life name) and (known by name)


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