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Tor-Tu-Gor Mission Statement

"Provide enjoyable, entertaining and educational content."

These are a few rules and guidelines that embrace the essence of Tor-tu-Gor:
  • As it fits between songs / discussions, at the top and the bottom of the hour, announce the Station:

  • Tor-tu-Gor
    Where the Light of Gor Shines Brightest

    or play a prerecorded advertisement.
  • You are allowed to be a broadcaster on other stations. HOWEVER, when broadcasting on Tor-tu-Gor Radio, you may NOT mention, promote or otherwise identify any other station, event or program.
  • You are to ALWAYS be Gorean, in whatever capacity you are, be it Free or slave.
  • Tip jars ARE allowed. It's your time, you’ve earned it.
  • It is expected that each Broadcaster / DJ will promote their show. This means tell people the day and time, the theme, the subject, the topic, what to expect and how much you will love them if they show up.
  • Submit an audio announcement to management for inclusion as an advertisement. Or if you wish, provide a notecard for someone else to record. Provide the who, what, where, when and perhaps a suggested background music.
  • Don't say or play anything overly lewd. Try to show class over crass.
  • Don't play music with serious swearing, or about killing or raping people. (even though killing and raping people happens on Gor) No racist comments or music. No using the N word (or any other word that might become sensitive in the future) or music with it in it, no matter how popular the song is at the time.
  • We are NOT here to shock the audience, we are here to entertain and/or teach with music, discussions, classes, events, dances, and tournaments.
  • Slaves will not hold training classes designed for presentation to the free. (based upon Tarnsman of Gor, Page 46 "I did learn, casually from a Scribe, not Torm, that slaves were not permitted to impart instruction to a free man, since it would place him in their debt, and nothing was owed to a slave.")
  • You may dual broadcast – with an approved broadcaster.
  • You may do interviews – However, YOU are still responsible for the content.
  • Some other important things:
    • Call yourself a Broadcaster or a DJ or a Host or a Presenter or whatever . . .
    • You may use a Hostess / Host to talk up your show, welcome arrivals, offer TPs etc.
    • Your Hostess / Host may have a tip jar too!
    • Relax, have fun, enjoy your time on the air.
    • You are allowed to broadcast in other venues. HOWEVER as a known Broadcaster of Tor-tu-Gor Radio, if other venues are of a Gorean nature, your reputation HERE and the reputation of Tor-tu-Gor Radio is to be remembered.

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