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Tor-Tu-Gor Radio Calendar Instructions
Where The Light of Gor Shines Brightest

   Here are a tip when entering events into Google Calendar:
  • Entering events in another timezone:
       For example: Living in Europe and attending SL events
    1. Open Google Calendar
    2. Enter an event into Google Calendar with the SL time given with the announcement
    3. Before calculating the difference of hours between timezones:
      1. Enter the SL time and day
      2. To the right of the Time sections is the word "timezones", click it.
      3. Choose "(GMT-07:00) Pacific Time - Los Angeles"
      4. Click Ok.
      5. Click Save

      6. Now when you look at your calendar you will see the event in your own time zone.

      Note: These steps will start differently for smaller devices this is for phones and ipad.

         You also reference this page: Use Google Calendar in different time zones

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